The Future of American Education Essay


Education has become one of the endangered species in the United States. The reason for this is that people are more interested in irrelevant topics outside of school and disregard studies. Children devote more time to watching television than reading. Across the continent, sports have garnered more recognition than education. Amusement appears to be the most prominent activity here. Autos are needed. American education is in jeopardy.


Professional sports have risen to prominence in American culture during the past two decades. Twenty-four hours a day, sporting activities and events are broadcast on television and radio. Sports have had a substantial impact on education. It is estimated that at least twenty-five million children between the ages of six and eighteen participate in school or community-based sporting programmes. According to management, there are at least 2.5 million coaches who spend at least 80 hours every season training these children.

Youth benefit positively from participation in athletic activity. In contrast, it replaces education in this society. The notion that sports are responsible for players’ feelings of self-worth and high self-esteem is a contentious issue. Lyle Micheli argues that sports promote the development of social and interpersonal skills. He also claims that it promotes physical health and mental well-being. This places education in second place, as it is believed that sports serve a greater purpose (Caruba).

The easiest way to describe the millions of Americans, including adults and children, who are addicted to their screens is as substance abusers. Television distracts students from their schoolwork. The majority of children will either completely disregard their schoolwork or leave it unfinished while spending the most of their time in front of the television.

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There are numerous television programmes that serve as a distraction for children. Several of these have been deemed detrimental to the health of American youngsters. It is the responsibility of American parents to switch off the television or discourage their children from watching too much television, as doing so is detrimental to a child’s academic performance and long-term prospects (Caruba).

Automobiles have become a necessity in America. The absence of one is viewed as a sign of underdevelopment in American households. For this reason, banks are making loans available to everyone in order to assist everyone in purchasing an automobile. Consider a novel concept that will lead to the ultimate expansion of the nation.

If you mention this and ask for assistance in expanding on the idea while simultaneously introducing the topic of vehicles, you may discover that the audience is more interested in cars than in your thoughts. Automobiles are everyone’s hobby. Even pupils are more concerned with automobiles than with their studies. In the best interests of the population, the most influential individuals may attend a conference. However, the cars they arrive in will garner more attention than the conference’s content.


America is in a technology race with other nations. Currently, the notion of which model one would purchase next is more intriguing than what one can do to ensure a prosperous future. As a result, every individual will be preoccupied with acquiring a vehicle, despite the fact that there are more urgent or significant concerns pertaining to their own development.

This includes children’s education. Amusement has been prioritised at the expense of education. Not only will adults be glued to the television, wasting valuable time eating junk food at the risk of developing health issues. The majority of American children are obese. This is the result of dominance, sedentary behaviour, and eating.

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