How to Get Good Marks in Exam

Give enough time to study:

Many of the students waiting for the last months to start preparation for exam which is not good practice so, don’t wait for the end and get prepare yourself from the first day. It has been found that although some students seem to complete the final preparation (most of the time), this is not the best way to pass the examination. Schedule a study to help you schedule your management time. Indicate the time required for the test. Organize your study this way. Some tests may give you more time to learn than others, so find a balance that works for you.

Organize your study environment:

Make sure you have enough space to open your books and write. Is there enough light? Is your seat comfortable? Can’t find your computer game? Take away all distractions and make sure you are as healthy and focused on study as much as possible. For some this may mean almost silence, for others background music is helpful. Some of us do well in complex environments, while others need to be clean planning everything so we can concentrate. Think about what will benefit you and take the time to fix it.

Use flow chart and diagrams:

Vision can help with healing. When you start a topic, challenge yourself to write down everything you already know about the topic, highlighting the hard areas where you finding difficulties. As you approach the test, lock the rewritten text into a picture page. Putting your thoughts in this simple form can help you get back to everything you need to know about the test.

Practice past paper:

One of the best ways to prepare for a test is to practice a lot on the past paper. This will help you identify the type of question and it is also good to spend enough time on each section.

Explain your answers to others:

No need to upset your parents, siblings during the examination. Take it in your favor and get benefit from them. Explain your answer of a question to them and get help from them to do preparation for you exam. This will help you to better understand what is going on in your head in areas that require more work.

Combine study with your friends:

Go to meetings with your friends. There may be questions they have answered and that they repeat. As long as you focus on what you believe over time, it can be a good way to challenge yourself.

Regular short breaks:

You may think it is best to learn as much as possible, but it can be reversed. If you are training for a marathon, you cannot run 24 hours a day. Similarly, research shows that regular rest helps maintain long-term understanding. We are all different, so create an education that works for you. If you are good in the morning, start early in the morning before lunch. Or, if the night is good for you, take a break before the rest to rest at night.

Do not forget the wickedness of the day which does not depend on your books. Remember that vitamin D is important for brain health.

Healthy Foods:

You may feel that you need medical attention or do not have time to cook, and avoid unhealthy foods because the food you eat can affect your energy and mood. Keep your body and mind healthy by choosing foods that promote good memory, such as fish, nuts, yogurt, and blueberries. The same thing happens on the day of the test. Eat a nutritious diet before the test. While sugar may seem interesting, your energy level will drop after an hour.

Get ready for exam day:

Make sure you have everything well prepared before the test. Just go last night when you don’t know how to move around or you don’t know what to bring right away. Check all rules and regulations, plan your route and travel time. If possible, try your visit. If not, please write an explanation.

Decide how long it will take to arrive, and then set a time. You do not want to get there because you will run halfway or fall and you are tired. You could schedule your time with your friend or classmate for a test session, as long as you know you will be there on time.

Drink plenty of Water:

As a last resort, remember that drinking enough water is essential for your brain to function properly. Make sure you drink plenty of water during exam.

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