Current Issues in Education of Pakistan and How to Solve it

Education is vital for each person. It makes one ready to get what’s going on around us obviously. Just taught individual can take useful choices and take smart actions with flawless timing. Human life without education is very much like fertile land. Education not just empowers people to put their capability to best utilize and accomplish something useful in the forthcoming future, yet additionally assumes a primary part in molding a person to be a superior, dependable resident and a functioning individual from the general public. An informed individual with fearlessness knows how to change the world. Schooling gives the stepping stool to making progress throughout everyday life and empowers us to use abilities.

Education is important for all the citizens in all the part of the county. It empowers everyone. It is a significant viewpoint that shapes the advanced world. Individuals need education to have the option to adapt up to the progressions in this cutthroat world. An educated plays out each liability connected with him well overall. An uneducated neglect to deal with his undertakings. So, every individual should attempt to get training as conceivable as he can get.

Pakistan literacy rate is very low. It causes a lot of problems in the country. The main issues of education in Pakistan are discussed below.


Poverty is the main issue in Pakistan. Pakistan is an agricultural nation.  Each individual from the family needs to effectively uphold his family. Besides, it is difficult for needy people to bear the instructive encounters of the youngsters. They need to teach their youngsters however they neglected to do as such because of their poor monetary condition. Along these lines poverty is the very serious financial issue in Pakistan.

Faults in our education system:

 The faults in our education system are the serious problem. There are many issues in our education system like, cheating and leaking out the paper before examination. By utilizing these unjustifiable methods, the common students achieve more than the focused students. This impacts earnestly on the personalities of the students. If this fault is removed from our education system, the students who study and focused on their studies can get achieve, what they deserve.

Lack of extra-curricular activity:

Another movement which is known as co-curricular activities. These activities are significant as if they keep the balance of the advancement of the kid. These exercises additionally keep the student occupied which help in keeping up with the discipline in the school. Game, sports, social execution, debates, dramatizations are some kinds of co-curricular activities.

Co-curricular exercises are vital in the school. Just showing work or learned information isn’t necessary for kid. These activities keep the student occupied and keep up with the discipline in the school.

lack of Technical Education:

Absence of technical education is a major issue in our education system. In our country, the quantity of education system is extremely low. Then again, many individuals don’t know about the significance of technical education. So, they don’t ponder this part of information. This is likewise a significant educational issue in our country.

Shortage of Teaching staff:

The non-accessibility of very capable instructors is additionally a genuine instructive issue in Pakistan. The public authority spends an exceptionally low financial plan for schooling. Because of this, there are many schools without teachers. The teachers who are accessible know nothing about current patterns. They neglect to show the student appropriately. This is additionally an intense issue in our education system.

Non availability proper infrastructure in Schools:

School is viewed as the second home for students. They invest a great deal of their energy every day in school. Subsequently, they must ought to have the option to encounter an agreeable and positive climate consistently. Parents won’t ever send their kids to a school where the structure looks overview or where there could be no appropriate foundation to help their development.

The non-accessibility of essential requirements in instructive organizations is likewise a significant issue in our country. In numerous foundations, there is an absence of essential offices like unadulterated water, rooms, transport, and lodgings. In this air, the understudies stay befuddled and denied of schooling.

How to improve education system in Pakistan:

  • Specialized instruction should be made a piece of auxiliary training. Classes for carpentry, electrical, and other specialized schooling should be remembered for the educational program.
  • Giving monetary motivators to the students might urge the parents to send their kids to school and may help in diminishing the dropout proportion.
  • Nearby government system is useful in advancing training and education in the country. In nearby government framework the assets for training would be spent on a need premise by the area.
  • Joblessness people is a main pressing issue for Pakistan. There ought to be profession guiding of the understudies in schools so they have a comprehension of occupation market and they can foster their abilities in like manner.
  • Advising of guardians is required, so they can pick a vocation for their youngster which is market agreeable.


So, schooling assumes a significant part in the entire advancement of the country. To gain ground in social and political fields the scholarly pace of that nation should be extremely high. No country can gain ground without schooling. So, we attempt to allow an opportunity to each individual to get increasingly more schooling. The public authority should construct such frameworks which are free and independent as far as creation and utilization.

The changes expected in the education arrangement of Pakistan is impossible by the public authority alone, public-private support and a blend of formal too as non-formal schooling can take out greater part of country’s populace from ignorance. Likewise, to make the young people of the country a resource, consideration ought to likewise be paid to professional and specialized preparation.

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